Monday, September 27, 2004

My Wife Thinks I'm Mad

My dear wife, who is somewhat sceptical about the Internet, can't understand the point of me blogging. I certainly seem a rather unlikely individual to "bear my soul" in cyberspace.

I heard about blogging a long time ago, and I must admit it seemed to me a rather strange thing to do, even then! I suppose if you have a huge intellect, and an even bigger ego, it's a perfect way to get your valuable insights instantly to the masses....but only if they know your address, and happen to visit it. Maybe you'd be better writing to the Times after all!

Looking at some of the existing blogs it's not any easier to understand why most people do it. Some blogs are very bizarre indeed and, dare I say it, barely coherent. Very few seem to have any comments, so if you can't be sure that anyone is "out there" reading what you write, why not just talk to yourself in the bath and save the typing?

But blogging is, by all accounts, an expanding global phenomenon, and I understand even Tony Blair is enthusiatic about it. Despite the latter aspect, I think I'll keep going a little longer....