Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Meet the Sogs: only the names have been changed to protect the guilty!

The Sogs stay, appropriately perhaps, in a rather wet region of Scotland. Sog and his wife Wosog had 2.4 children, but 0.4 died some time ago in mysterious circumstances.

The remaining two children are 20 year old Gdog (grand-daughter of Groucho), and Gsog (grandson of Groucho), who is 18 years old. Gdog is studying for a degree at the nearby University of Life. Gsog is studying at a different university about an hour's drive away. It must have been something we said!

Sog has been a people mechanic for over 25 years, while Wosog is a teacher. They have been happily married for almost 25 years.

So, there you have them: The Sogs---a microcosm of contemporary Scottish life!