Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Overcoming Disability

On the television news this evening there was a piece about a girl who had been a very talented motocross rider until an accident fractured her spine and paralysed her. She has continued to participate in motocross training new riders, but it looked as if her participation in sport was over. Against all the odds she has now started riding off-road in a specially adapted quad bike. If the authorities agree that she is able to take part in races, she will be fully "back in the saddle again". Personally, I think she is totally crazy, but you really can't help admiring her success in overcoming her disability.

I can't remember where I came across this video clip about this guy from India who was born not only with no arms, but unable to hear or speak. Despite these disabilities, he has learned how to do practically everything with his feet and hopes to take up a career in IT championing the needs of others with disabilities. He's also an impressive dancer!

The success of folk like this really should make able-bodied people ashamed of themselves when they whinge about this "problem" or that. It is truly amazing what human beings can achieve with sufficient determination.