Sunday, October 03, 2004

Teenagers....Who would have them?

Isn't it amazing how lazy teenagers are?

Only a teenager could let the bin in their room overflow rather than pick up the blessed thing and walk the short distance required to empty it. Only a teenager could let the floor of their bedroom get so cluttered that an adult trying to walk across it feels like they are attempting to negotiate a mine field!

Why is it that teenagers walk out and leave the door lying wide open, or have a shower and leave wet towels all over the floor? Why do they expect the stressed, exhausted wage slaves that fund their cosseted existence to pick up after them?

Up until now, Wosog has felt that it was more efficient overall for her to do the washing and ironing for all the Sogs. Recently, however, Wosog and Sog decided that Gsog and Gdog should shoulder their share of the burden of washing and ironing, and learn to be more independent in the process. What consternation this seemed to cause! How could they be expected to fit doing their own laundry into their busy schedules? Where could Gsog accommodate it between sleeping, eating, skating, reading skating magazines, Sky television (extreme sports channels), surfing the Internet (for skating sites), playing computer games (skating mainly), and....oh yea....studying his school work? Where could Gdog fit it in between sleeping, eating, surfing the Internet, studying for her degree and partying?

We're now in an uneasy transition period where both junior Sogs are waiting to see if Wosog really means it! They have each operated the washing machine once, and ironed the items that they consider essential. The other items needing ironed seem to be waiting for the services of the Ironing Fairy. Unfortunately, she doesn't appear to have visited yet. Watch this space....