Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm hooked

I deal with addictions every day. In my job I am regularly exposed to heroin addicts and alcoholics. At home I'm forced to live with Wosog and Gsog, both of whom are addicted to nicotine (though they are giving up the fags* at New Year: now it's on the Net---it must be true!). I have even joked on this very blog about "viagraholics". I never thought I would fall prey to any form of addiction....until now.

Here goes...My name is Son of Groucho, and I am a Flickraholic. It started off innocently enough: one or two photos uploaded here and there, grateful for the occasional comment. A few holidays abroad, and I was uploading six or more pictures at a time, sending them to Flickr Groups (more of which later) at random to try and get more attention and suffering terrible feelings of rejection if nobody commented on or favourited my pics. Now, as you can see, I'm snapping away at anything, desperate to have something to upload!

With most addictions, groups are part of the cure for the disease, in Flickr they are part of the disease! Two sick individuals (one in the USA, and one in Canada) "invited" me to join "Flickr Weirdies of the World", and now I'm hooked on that too! I rack my brain for wacky pictures to post to the group, and wait with baited breath for my "fix" of comments. I start new threads and hover anxiously over the keyboard waiting for replies.

The worst thing of all, though, is that I've encouraged Wosog to join Flickr, and even Flickr Weirdies. Please help us if you can, by sending money or comforting messages to here or here.

Thank you for listening. May God help us both.

*that's cigarettes for my American readers.