Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Great Lego Robbery

I used to love Lego as a kid. Despite the fact that the variety of pieces available was nothing like the variety available now, I could spend hours building things and breaking them up only to create more brilliant designs the next day. I even had thoughts of studying architecture in those days, but I later developed interests in other areas.

I was fascinated to hear via Boing Boing about another fan of Lego called William Swanberg. Mr Swanberg was even more creative than I was, however: he had the brilliant wheeze of swapping the bar codes on boxes of Lego, allowing him to steal thousands of dollars worth of the colourful bricks. Apparently a 2o foot truck was needed to carry away his booty, and it's estimated that he has sold $600,000 worth of Lego over the Internet since 2002!

You would have thought his local toy shop would have noticed sooner that a 40-year-old buying their entire stock of Lego on a regular basis was a little strange.