Saturday, December 03, 2005

Little Jem

As a novel Christmas present Gdog gave Wosog 2 tickets to see the Welsh singer Jem at the ABC Club on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow last night. This club is in a building that used to be occupied by the ABC Cinema years ago and I assumed the audience would be quite large. I was surprised to find that the doors opened at 7.00 pm. One of my neurotic "things" is that I always like to be on time (or even better, early) for things. Hence, I made quite strenuous efforts to ensure that Wosog and I would be at the club for 7.00 pm. In the event, of course, we weren't actually allowed in for about 45 minutes and we even had to wait for the "warm-up act" to come onstage. The latter were quite good, but we were both getting a little impatient by the time Jem appeared around 9.15 pm.

Fortunately, Jem and her band were really good. She's a great live singer, and the band are all excellent musicians. I haven't mentioned that the venue turned out to be really small and my one regret was that I didn't bring a camera with me. I don't have a decent flash unit yet, but even without one I think I could have got some reasonable photos: unfortunately the lack of a camera rather put paid to that!