Sunday, February 12, 2006

Joyful at Jongleurs

As part of my campaign to have a social life a tenth the size of Gdog's, I went with Wosog to Jongleurs Comedy Club in Glasgow last night. I booked the tickets over the internet, and I had no idea how big the club was inside, or where we would be sitting in relation to the stage. In fact we were quite some distance from the stage, but we could still see it reasonably well. The good sound system ensured that we could make out the comedians' jokes most of the time.

As with most of these things, the show seemed to take ages to get underway, but this gave Wosog and I, who were a bit older than three quarters of the audience, a chance to do some "people watching". It was fascinating to watch girls in their teens chain smoking, and consuming enough alcohol to render me semi-conscious, with no apparent effect on them!

The first guy up was Dominic Woodward. He got the show off to a good start, although from reviews such as this on the web he obviously tells a similar set of jokes every time (maybe they all do). Second on was Tony Hendriks, a Jamaican comedian who was really funny. A female Scottish comedian started up the second half. We were later told that she was usually a warm-up act, and she certainly seemed a bit inexperienced. The show finished with Paul Tonkinson, who Wosog had seen on tv before. He managed to control the audience most of the time, although he almost seemed to lose control when he strayed onto the subject of The Rangers v Celtic football match. We thought a minor riot was going to break out at that point!

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening. I think we'll both be back some time.