Monday, March 20, 2006

A Great Honour

Guess what? I have just been made an admin of the Flickr Group Flickr Weirdies of the World: a Supreme Weirdie, no less. This is, indeed, a great honour and, unlike my Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, doesn't carry with it a hefty annual fee. It all started with my realisation at the weekend that Wosog had suddenly been made a Supreme Weirdie.

This shift in our social standing relative to each other began to send shock waves through our previously relatively stable relationship. Wosog wasn't sure that she could continue to share a bed with a mere Weirdie Supreme (an ordinary member of the group), and was suggesting that I should start walking 2 paces behind her when we were in public. Fortunately, the other Supreme Weirdies took swift and decisive action to elevate me too. Wosog is still smarting a little at having got one up on me for such a short time, but I think she knows that the decision is for the best in the long term.

To celebrate this Great Happening I thought I would post this link to the Muppet Matrix brought to my attention by KnowWonNose of Seattle, Founding Supreme Weirdie and reknowned muppetologist----enjoy!