Saturday, March 11, 2006

Your favourite transformer?

Some of you may remember the advert on televison a while ago for the Citroen C4 in which the car appeared to change into a disco dancing transformer robot. Video clips like this tend to spread like wildfire on the Internet these days, and often spawn slightly less impressive spoof versions.

In this case, however, the geeks have gone further and produced a real dancing transformer robot. Looks as if it is made out of Meccano to me, and it doesn't have quite the sense of rhythm of the Citroen C4 version. I suppose we should really be impressed that it can dance at all, but I'm afraid it doesn't fill me with enthusiasm! What do you think?

PS My friend RobotJam has since pointed me in the direction of this transformer, which I think is the best. There's something a bit creepy about it, though!