Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Is There Anybody Out There?

Have just installed a Site Meter, but was dismayed to find the graphic placed right at the edge of the page, which was a little irritating, and instantly marked me as a blogging neophyte. Tried e-mailing, and they very efficiently e-mailed me back. They said what I needed to do was to go into the template and "move the HTML for the counter to the position where you'd like it to go." I really don't think they appreciate how ignorant I am! Dare I come clean, and ask them to spell things out in a little more detail? If you're really interested you can check back later and see if the little blighter has migrated!

Today I decided to add Haloscan Commenting and Trackback, but, to be honest I'm not sure I completely understand what they are all about! Commenting fair enough, but what is this Trackback business? Installation went like a dream, I'm glad to say.

As far as I currently understand it, I will now be able to show comprehensively not only that nobody is visiting my site (apart from me), but also that nobody is linking to it.

Now that is progress!