Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Don't Bear a Grudge

I'm on holiday this week (What do you mean "Again?"), so I met Gdog in Glasgow and we went to see The Grudge. Despite some of the negative comments made by others about this film, we both thought it was genuinely scary and thoroughly enjoyable. My daughter delighted in telling me that I "screamed like a girl" at one point. Our bums definitely left our seats on several occasions!

There clearly is a fad at the moment for Hollywood remakes of Japanese films, but this movie was unusual in that the same Japanese director also directed the second film. It seems to be an automatic response in some people to say that the remake is not as good as the first film. I haven't seen the original version of The Grudge, but I have seen both versions of The Ring. I definitely preferred the new version---and you can call me a Philistine if you like!