Saturday, November 06, 2004

A Visit to Mosog

Went to visit Mosog (Mother of Son of Groucho) last night. She's getting on in years, and her memory is not what it was. The closely guarded secret of Sog's origins is very likely to remain unrevealed. In view of his strong resemblance as an adult to Mr Marx, Sog can only assume that he was, in fact, Groucho's love child. Even though the signs were there from an early age, his apparent father somehow didn't make the connection, and the family has lived a lie all these years!

It's secrets such as these that tear families apart, and Sog and Wosog have vowed to always be honest with each other, thereby setting a better example to their beloved Gdog and Gsog.

On that serious note, I leave you tonight dear reader....