Saturday, December 11, 2004

Attractions of Christianity

As a devout atheist, I have often felt that it must be quite comforting to have a faith of some kind. In times of trouble it probably would be quite handy to have some omnipotent superbeing to step in on your behalf.

I knew that Christianity in general had the attractions of being a well established religion with lots of well qualified and friendly, if somewhat earnest, employees as well as lots of large buildings where one could wile away many a Sunday morning. However I didn't, until recently, know about the even more tangible attractions of the Landover Baptist Church (The Largest, Most Powerful Assembly Of Worthwhile People To Ever Exist. Unsaved Are NOT Welcome). It's a pity Gsog already has a Playstation 2 since he could have accepted Jesus Christ and got one free! Its also a shame to miss out on the customised version of Tony Hawk's Undergound. Anyway, I've more or less decided to buy Wosog a "What Would Jesus Do?" Thong as a "stocking filler" this Christmas.

You know, I'm no expert but I suspect this may not be a genuine Christian site.