Sunday, December 19, 2004

Him Robot

It seems that the world portrayed in the film I Robot is not as far away as we imagined. Honda has produced a robot called Asimo that can not only interact with humans and find its way round obstacles, but it can also run. From the style of the running I suspect it's capable of getting constipated too!

Apparently, however, it's not the first robot to run: Sony's quirkily named Qrio beat them to it last year! Who knows, in a few years time we might have the Robot Olympics to bore the pants off us as well as the old fashioned human kind.

The BBC news article also refers to the fact that Asimo attended a state dinner in the Czech Republic in 2003, travelling with the Japanese Prime Minister. It's a pity for the British Conservative Party that the General Election is so close. Otherwise they could have put up a couple of Asimos as Tory electoral candidates! They would certainly be more inspiring than their human counterparts.

I had no idea that Honda was involved in this type for development, but I'd still rather have a Civic Type-R!