Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Time Gentlemen (and Ladies) Please!

The subject of alcohol overconsumption is often treated as a source of humour but the reports of binge drinking among teenagers should be a reason for concern for us all. An interesting aspect of this is the fact that the problem seems to be particularly bad in young women.

Gdog is no angel, but she certainly drinks significantly less than some of her friends. I listened to some of the sixteen year olds interviewed about their alcohol and drug use on the radio yesterday. The striking thing was how unconcerned they all were. They seemed to feel that they could get away with even the most risky behaviour just because they were young.

Apart from the long-term health hazards, alcohol is clearly a factor in the UK's high teenage pregnancy rates.

Alcohol is great if used sensibly, but I already see enough of the effects of alcohol abuse. I don't particularly want to see these appearing in an even younger age group.