Sunday, February 06, 2005

Just A Cold....

Wosog was complaining the other day that she felt as if she had had a cold for 2 months. Gsog has had a prolonged cold as well, and recently asked the profound question "Where is it [the gunk emanating from his nose] all coming from?".

I, on Thursday last, was congratulating myself that the possession of a medical degree obviously carried with it a superior set of antibodies, since I had remained cold-free. On Friday the bastard struck! Having limped through a seemingly endless day at work on Friday, I have spent most of my precious weekend so far fighting off whichever virus is responsible.

It appears to me, from totally unscientific observation, that colds have got worse in recent years. Certainly, I seem to see more and more people who claim to have had very debilitating symptoms for very prolonged periods. I'm not sure (a) if this is a genuine phenomenon, or (b) if it is genuine what the explanation is. Rhinoviruses traditionally produce a mild illness with little constitutional upset: have they become nastier little beasts? Perhaps other viruses are becoming commoner causes of the (all too) common cold?

Fortunately I appear to be recovering, but just as the bloody weekend runs out! At least I know I'm not alone.