Monday, February 21, 2005

Walking Would Have Been Safer!

Guess what? You may remember my post about Gdog finally passing her driving test? Wosog and I were wakened by her at 05.00 on Sunday morning to receive the glad tidings that she had been in a wee accident in Wosog's car (see above). Some dickhead taxi driver had decided to join a roundabout before poor little Gdog had quite left it. The damage sustained by our car was not too bad, but I understand his car was more badly damaged, and he was incensed that Gdog was going to deprive him of his livelyhood. How she could be held responsible for him going into the side of her car I couldn't quite understand.

Gdog was quite upset when she finally crawled the rest of the journey home at 30 mph. We were told this by the not very sensible friends who were in the car with her. They, of course, were "under the affluence of incohol" (as they say in these parts), so they were not very useful as witnesses to the accident.

Now we've just to contact the insurance company, but you can't reach them by phone on a Sunday. Instead you've to use their website, which seems incapable of accepting even basic demographic details without error messages. Isn't technology wonderful?

Thankfully, the experience doesn't seem to have scared Gdog off driving altogether, and I reluctantly admitted that I too had an accident when I was a very inexperienced driver. However, as Wosog delighted in reminding me, that accident was my fault. These bloody women never let you away with anything do they?