Sunday, February 27, 2005

Pointless Video Clips

I have never been a fan of video photography. I have always felt that it is a lazy approach to capturing visual information. Really good still photographs require a great deal of thought to be given to composition, lighting, depth of field etc. Admittedly, digital photography has made this sort of thing much less complicated, because you can "suck it and see" so much more easily. Unless I'm missing something, video photography consists of pointing your camera in the vague direction of the subject, and hoping that at least some of the random images look reasonable.

Photosharing websites such as Flickr admittedly don't just carry high quality pictures, but each image uploaded has a particular significance for the sender, and many of them give great pleasure to dozens of other people. I've just come across a website called Vimeo that obviously aims to be to video clips what Flickr is to photos. The site is not fully operational yet, but I've looked at a few of the clips and those I've viewed seem totally pointless to me! Who wants to watch a brief clip of someone walking their dog and the said dog deciding to eat some other dog's poo, for example?

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but the best a video clip can do is to give a five second blurred version of a rather puerile joke.