Monday, July 04, 2005

Glasgow Green

Went to see Al Green at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow last night. Practically everyone that I told I was going to see Al Green said "Who?", but I think many people would know his songs "Tired of Being Alone", and "Let's Stay Together".

The warm-up act was a female singer and her band who were quite good, but I'm afraid I can't remember their name! She did her best to get everyone in the mood, and did what she could to get the audience on its feet with very limited success, but the difference when Al appeared was amazing. The whole audience seemed to come to life as Al bounced around the stage like a Spring Chicken. The thing is, he's not a Spring Chicken, he's 10 years older than I am! Some of the female members of the audience in the front row were practically kissing his feet, and I was surprised how many young women were up boogying during the concert.

When he broke into "Let's Stay Together" halfway through his set the whole audience took to it's feet---even myself. The only thing that he did wrong was not coming back for an encore. Glaswegian audiences like to get their pound of flesh, and this omission actually prompted a brief "Boo!". However, it was quickly forgotten and, everyone went home content that they had seen a Great Soul Showman in the flesh.