Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mr Blobby's Back

Returned from Kefalonia fatter than ever, despite attempts to moderate consumption of the delicious Greek cuisine! We have tended to go on beach-based holidays to very hot countries in the Summer (mainly Greek islands) in the last several years, and it has always been a time when I have been forced to face my increasing bulk. Surprisingly however, unlike some years, I don't find my work clothes difficult to get into this year. Body weight's a funny thing!

Gsog, of course, is skinny as a rake, and he seems to regard this as some sort of achievement. I've tried to tell him that I was much lighter prior to my fortieth birthday, but I must confess when I was sixteen I was nowhere near as thin as he is at that age. He seems to feel he can insult me with impunity at the moment, and I think if he had made one more reference to "man boobs" I would have resorted to physical violence. I suppose if it makes me address the problem it will have been worth absorbing the jibes. Interestingly, he never makes any references to his mother's weight. I suspect he knows that doing so would have swift and rather unpleasant consequences.

The guy in the picture doesn't seem to have any difficulty getting into his shorts, but it doesn't seem to have made his girlfriend any more interested!