Thursday, October 21, 2004

Gdog Slightly Less Than Totally Sensible Shock!!!

When Sog was at the University of Life he was nicknamed "Captain Sensible" by certain fellow trainee people mechanics who had a racier lifestyle than he. Apart from a brief spell of teenage rebellion 2-3 years ago, it seemed to the adult Sogs that Gdog had inherited her father's sensible gene.

However, since turning 18 and leaving school, Gdog has been showing disturbing signs of being, well, slightly less than totally sensible. She has been led astray by two not very sensible friends, and has on some weeks consumed more than 14 units of ALCOHOL. Last night, before her first (admittedly not too critical) exam at university she went out to watch yet another film. She then went drinking, missed her last train, and arrived home at 1.30 AM. I ask you, are these the actions of a sensible girl?

If these trends continue, there is a worrying risk that Gdog will become a normal well balanced individual rather than a neurotic, angst-ridden wreck like her father! We cannot stand by and let this happen!