Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Who'd Be A Vegetarian?

My partner in the practice, Dr Death, is a vegetarian. Vegetarians are often the subject of cruel carnivore jokes about them "being as weak as water", "not living longer but just feeling as if they do", etc., etc. For the record, Dr Death is much stronger than I am, and has climbed mountains around the world, including The Eiger.

I like meat, always have done, but if I had to slaughter the animals in order to eat them I think I'd quickly become a vegetarian myself. Most carnivores rarely consider the fact that animals have to be killed in order to produce the pristine, sanitised packages that fill the refrigereated cabinets of our supermarkets. Those that do think about the subject somehow rationalise it by saying that these animals only exist because they were created for food production: as if this makes their lives less valuable!

So-called humane slaughter is bad enough, but needless cruelty towards the animals concerned just to allow multi-national fast food chains to make even more dollars is totally unacceptable. This video clip (via A Girl With A [Dot] Com) about Kentucky Fried Chicken's abysmal animal rights record is truly sickening. I'll never eat another KFC "Bargain Bucket" again!

Makes you think doesn't it? Can you be sure that the animal that provided your meal tonight "didn't feel a thing"?