Monday, June 27, 2005

Brilliant Brian and the Wobbly Leg

I took Friday as "a holiday" during which I exhausted myself painting the walls of the small bedroom. Getting rid of the dark red and brown (!) of the previous owner made the room look much bigger. On Saturday we turned our attention to Flatpack Hell.

I have to be honest here, we had a little help---well, a lot of help---from a friend called Brian. With his trusty little electric screwdriver, Brian made light work of building two beds, a chest of drawers, and two bedside cabinets. While he did all this Wosog and I sweated over the construction of a dining room table, four chairs, two shelf units, and two small tables that we confidently expect will be worn down by the elbows of our student residents (joke!). These objects were slightly less challenging than those undertaken by the bold Brian.

On Sunday we did one or two minor things, including construction of a bathroom cabinet, while Brian built a large display unit for the lounge. We just had to screw the little legs on our two sofas. Well, you've guessed it, the eighth leg wouldn't screw on properly, leaving it distinctly wobbly. I felt a definite loosening of my bowels as the awful significance of this set in: we would need another trip to Ikea!