Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Death In The Family

My regular reader might wonder why I've gone quiet in the last few days. Unfortunately, quite unexpectedly on Saturday, my broadband router-modem thingy died! Its usual cheery three green lights were replaced by a single angry-looking red light, and the Sog household was suddenly disconnected from the Internet.

An anxious phone call followed to "Intelligent Home Networking" who, intelligently, told me that something called my "firmware" (what is that?) was basically buggered, and a replacement device was needed. Of course, with the public holiday, the soonest I could call the supplier was Tuesday morning. To their credit, we now have a new thingy that seems to be working perfectly.

You really only appreciate things when you don't have them, and all the Sogs missed the Net in different ways. Wosog missed playing her games on the Yahoo! site, and both junior Sogs missed checking their e-mails, and exchanging inane remarks with their friends on MSN Messenger. I, of course, missed the ability to keep up to date with the latest medical advances, and hankered after the numerous postgraduate medical courses available online. I really feel I have become significantly more ignorant as a result of this brutal disconnection. Never mind, as soon as I've finished this post, checked my e-mail, read a few blogs, checked out flickr, and generally aimlessly drifted through cyberspace for an hour or so I'll get back to the serious stuff....if it's not bedtime by then, of course!