Monday, October 11, 2004

An Unusual Week

This week is a little unusual in that Sog, Wosog and Gsog are on holiday while poor little Gdog has to get up early to travel by train to the University of Life. Unfortunately, no one has told Sog's body clock about this, and he still switched on like the proverbial light bulb at some ungodly hour. On the plus side, this did give him the opportunity to witness first hand how unimpressed Gdog is about being the only "worker" in the house! To say she is unhappy about the situation is like stating that Al Queda has certain reservations about US foreign policy!!

On a normal day in the Sog household Sog gets up first and reminds Gdog of the dreadful significance of her bleeping alarm. While Gdog showers in an attempt to convert her zombie-like state to something akin to consciousness, Sog has a leisurely breakfast then shaves. By then, Gdog has emerged from the shower and Sog can fight his way through the steam to shower himself.

Gsog relies on his parents to wake him up, never seeming to have grasped the concept of an alarm clock....or any other sort of timepiece, for that matter! The first attempt to raise him from the dead is made by Sog, but this practically never gets him out of bed. Sog next attempts to wake Wosog. After several episodes in which she dreams about being awake in response to Sog's increasingly unsympathetic entreaties, her body catches up with her brain, and she stumbles, blinking into the light. Now almost completely in contact with reality, Wosog, with the righteous indignation of an ex-smoker berating an unreformed nicotine addict, verbally blasts Gsog out of bed!

This morning here I am tapping away at my keyboard while a scowling Gdog wings her way to work, and the other two remain firmly fixed in suspended animation. Does anyone know the address of a body clock repairer?