Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It's In The Bag!

One of my "Things" on 43 Things is the desire to "Watch less television". I'm essentially a really lazy, poorly disciplined individual, and I must have wasted numerous days out of my allotted lifespan vegetating in front of a television screen.

I've only had two comments so far on my one entry on the subject. A guy with the moniker WanderingPhilosopher stated "I lived 2 years totally without tv. It was my most productive time ever." Sounds a bit drastic, but possibly worth considering! My other commenter had the intriguing 43 Things Name GroovyGoddess. She kindly pointed me in the direction of the TVKozy website that I understand is run by her husband and herself. This seems the perfect halfway house between my current zombie-like state and the monk-like austerity of WanderingPhilosopher. I can just imagine my rather uggly Panasonic tv transformed by the rather natty TVKozy shown!

With the telly out of sight, I'll have even more time to stare google(TM)-eyed at the monitor of my pc churning out the drivel you're currently enjoying(?). I wonder if they make a Kozy for a Dell flat screen monitor? Guess what? They do!