Monday, August 15, 2005

More On Moobs

My regular reader will have noticed my recent post bemoaning Gsog's references to my "man boobs" while we were both on holiday. According to an interesting article in The Sunday Times yesterday, the accepted term for these appendages is now "moobs" or occasionally "moobies" (The Sun is credited with the latter term). Perusal of The Urban Dictionary certainly suggests that the term moobs is becoming entrenched in our language. There is the potential for slight confusion, however, with the band of the same name, with whose music I am totally unfamiliar (they're said to be "a cross between Kelly Joe Phelps and Zero 7" if that means anything to you!).

The article in the paper ("Do my moobs look big in this?") discusses not just moobs, but the increasing attention being focussed on the male physique in general. This includes speculation on Tony Blair's reaction to press remarks on his "flabby" abdomen in his recent paparazzi-snapped holiday photos. It seems that it is no longer just "women's fate to be manipulated and rendered inadequate by the tyranny of perfection". Focussing more on male physique could have positive outcomes if it engenders enthusiasm for tackling major public health issues such as obesity and lack of exercise in men. However, in the younger males I wouldn't like to see excessive societal pressures possibly aggravating the increase in male anorexia nervosa that already seems to be occurring.

On a lighter note, later in the same paper we have "Less raunchy more paunchy" which describes how an ageing, rotund Mickey Rourke managed to leave a nightclub last week with a "doe-eyed Ukrainian moppet", much to the consternation of her handsome, much younger (and presumably more svelte) boyfriend. This gives a whole new twist to the phrase "taking the Mickey". Interestingly, I note from the Internet Movie Database that Mr Rourke is almost exactly my age!

To finally return to the subject of My Moobs, I've got a quiz for you: which ones are mine?