Friday, August 19, 2005

Almost Gone....

As my regular reader will know, we have bought a little palace for Gdog to inhabit while she is at University in The Big City. I have stated in the past that little Gdog is not the tidiest of creatures, so I've decided to post this picture of the flat just now. Please note the absence of clutter: we'll see how long it lasts!

We may, in fact, have found a solution to the problem anyway by renting the second bedroom for a year or two to Gdog's friend Fogdog. We have been led to believe that Fogdog is a very neat and tidy individual, and she certainly seems like a really nice girl. We're hoping that Fogdog's habits will rub off on Gdog, and not vice versa!

The two girls are starting to flat share at the weekend, but Gdog is already spending a lot of time in Glasgow. Since Gsog is often away for large parts of the day anyway, the house here is really starting to feel awfully quiet. I was bemoaning the fact that our children were leaving us the other day to Wosog. "Yes," she said, "Great, isn't it?" Has that woman got no maternal feelings at all?