Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dr Death's Undoing

One of Sog's partners in his people mechanic business, Dr Death, previously seemed a relatively sensible chap, apart from a penchant for hanging off ice covered mountains. About 8 months ago, however, he told his partners that he had finally decided to do something really risky: to become a father for the first time at the age of forty.

If only he had divulged his intentions to Sog before Wodd (Wife of Dr Death) became pregnant! Sog could have arranged psychiatric treatment, under the Mental Health (Scotland) Act if necessary, to try to cure this madness.

Doesn't he know that babies, who have their own sleep-disturbing, soiled nappy-generating disadvantages, grow into TEENAGERS with all their attendant miseries?

Anyway, as they say, it's too late now. We're all on tenterhooks awaiting the arrival of Dodd (Daughter of Dr Death). No doubt she'll look angelic when she finally appears, but don't be deceived DD: the worst is yet to come....