Friday, October 15, 2004

A Trying Essay

The week, so far, has been overshadowed by an essay that Gsog has to write for his Higher English---not his favourite subject. This is to be a critical analysis of how Pat Barker's book "Regeneration" communicates an anti-war message. Periodically, various friends phone up with plans for skating expeditions. This doesn't help Sog and Wosog's attempts to persuade Gsog that passing Higher English would be A GOOD IDEA.

In a way it's ironic that an anti-war book has, at times, generated near warfare in the Sog household. Wosog has been trying her level best to encourage Gsog to buckle down to the task, but it's certainly been an uphill struggle. Hopefully we'll get the essay finished today, then we just need to persuade the reluctant scholar to study for his Maths test....

The joys of parenthood, indeed!