Monday, September 26, 2005

Is It Kosher?

Regular readers (You Know Who You Are) will be aware of the fact that I'm not a religious sort of guy. It may surprise you, therefore, to discover that one of my best friends is a religious education teacher, and another converted to Judaism and moved to Israel. The second friend was in Glasgow a few months ago, and Wosog and I met up with him one evening. It was interesting to hear his point of view on the Palestinian situation, and to learn a bit about what his life in Israel was like. When I heard we were to meet in Glasgow, I immediately suggested that we went for a curry: only to be reminded that curries weren't Kosher!

At Easter we were in Rome and our hotel was near the Jewish Ghetto. When we're on holiday, partly out of laziness, if we find a restaurant that we really like we tend to go there several times. This time it was the Trattoria da Giggetto, which was a Kosher restaurant. The food was excellent, but I would never have know it was Kosher and the staff had no way of knowing if we were Jewish or not!

The basic details of Kosher food are given here, and I must say it all seems a bit complicated to me! I suppose if you live in a country where everyone is supposed to be eating only Kosher food it's a lot easier. I really don't think I could follow a religion that dominated my life to the extent of telling me how my food should be prepared, and what I was allowed to eat.

On a lighter note, have a look at (now that URL must have cost a pound or two!). I'm not sure what the food's like, but the animation's a hoot!