Sunday, September 18, 2005

The New Skates

Gsog's birthday is just before Christmas, but his skates always fall apart long before then, and the emotional blackmail to get his birthday money early begins. To be fair his most recent set of skates lasted longer than average, but the other week I was told that they were becoming unsafe. Various cracks in the frames were pointed out, with the subtext that no responsible parent, far less a medical man, would let his beloved offspring jump off various unlikely objects wearing such potentially lethal gear.

Two hundred and fifty of your English Pounds were dispatched to sunny Wales, and after a slight delay the high tech wellies on wheels arrived. Unfortunately, there was some difficulty attaching one of the frames to the boot, and, at further enormous expense, we had to send the offending boot back to Wales to be fixed! Gsog received the second boot yesterday, and plans to test drive the new beasts today.

I decided to upload a picture of one of the boots to Flickr with explanatory notes for the uninitiated. Some newly acquired Flickr friends chose to put their oar in as well. Thankfully the boy did see the funny side.