Tuesday, January 18, 2005

An Update On Gdog

If you have checked out TVOR in the past, you may be wondering what has become of young Gdog. The poor wee soul has been beavering away recently, studying for an important Psychology exam. All this book work has been interfering with her other interests, including partying and the cinema.

She seems to be coming across a phenomenon that I found really irritating when I was a student: namely people who claim to have done no work. Having resisted the entreaties of her less committed friends to go on various nights out, she has asked several people on her course how much studying they've done only to be told that they've not even started. Who are they kidding?

I well remember people in my medical year who claimed to have done no studying, then walked off with distinctions in several subjects. There was also the allied phenomenon of people who regularly left exams claiming "I've failed that!" then emerged at the end of the day with percentages in the stratosphere.

Anyway, she's gone out tonight to a concert for some well earned relaxation. We're left with Gsog, who continues to rate studying a very poor second to skating. But that, as they say, is another story.