Thursday, March 24, 2005

Jack The Lad

Went with Wosog last night to see Jack Dee in concert at The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. I've seen him several times on the telly, and I've always thought he is one of the best British stand-up comedians. The concert didn't disappoint. There was no warm-up act: Jack simply walked on stage and, apparently effortlessly, thoroughly entertained 2000 people for 2 hours.

True professional that he is, he was totally unaffected by the hecklers: in fact, he cleverly integrated their comments into his act. The number of topics he covered in the time was amazing. At the interval he asks members of the audience to send him text messages, and he responds to these at the end. I'm not sure if all the messages he read out were really sent during our concert, but they were very funny. As Jack sourly commented "These are not supposed to be funnier than the act!". Unfortunately, he decided to give the less glamorous area of Sighthill a bit of a drubbing, but I think anyone in the audience who didn't live in Sighthill would have thoroughly enjoyed the concert!