Friday, March 25, 2005

10 Things and Counting....

When I first posted about 43 Things in January my first Thing was "Stop Procrastinating" and I had 277 fellow procrastinators. I’ve made definite progress with my procrastination habit, partly due to the impetus of joining 43 Things, and it is a mark of the continued success of the site that I now have 1034 fellow sufferers to bond with!

There are currently 16091 members, but for some time people were signing up, simply listing the Things they wanted to do and leaving it at that: pretty pointless! Now more and more people are making entries about their Things, and in turn more members are commenting on the entries. This interaction is what the site should really be about.

I know the whole thing seems a bit geeky, but I genuinely feel that having my aims listed on the site encourages me to focus on them and get some helpful feedback from fellow failures around the world!

With a bit more development, 43 Things could be as successful as Flickr (which has recently been bought by Yahoo!). Maybe we all should buy some shares now….