Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A Sideways Glance

Went with Wosog on Sunday to see the film "Sideways". We didn't originally plan to see this film, and I had no idea that it had five Oscar nominations. If I had realised that it was directed by Alexander Payne, who directed "About Schmidt" I might Have had higher expectations.

We both really enjoyed the movie. The Paul Giamatti character in many ways reminded me of me with his rather bookish, angst-ridden personality. Interestingly, his somewhat unlikely friend, played by Thomas Haden Church, made me think of Gsog. This was not because of his insatiable sexual appetite, although God knows we still may have that to look forward to, but more because of his rather simple view of the world, his total lack of of responsibility, and his complete inability to delay gratification of his desires.

The film had a nice structure and a satisfactory, if slightly open, ending. I may well buy the DVD when it comes out.