Friday, March 04, 2005

Rabbiting on....Or maybe not!

I wasn't sure what heading to give this post. My first thought was "50,000 Bucks or the Rabbit Gets It", but I settled for the above. The gist of is that some fiendish So-and-so is threatening to kill this loveable bunny on 30 June 2005 unless he is paid $50,000 via the website.

The site shows you multiple pictures of Toby going about his various activities (no, not that one!). Also given are a number of recipes in which Toby might be a less than willing participant. Finally, we are offered the opportunity to buy a limited list of Toby-related artefacts, including the mouse mat above.

I'm not convinced that I should wish this enterprise success. If it did work out who knows what other cuddly, harmless little creatures might be held to ransom? Could Charles Kennedy, MP sleep safely in his bed at night? Posted by Hello