Friday, October 28, 2005

A Glimmer Of Hope

Don't you feel that the news currently is dominated by doom and gloom? We have: the ongoing chaos of the War in Iraq; multiple hurricanes in the United States; scaremongering (probably, maybe not) about avian influenza; predictions about the coldest Winter in the UK for several decades (complete with extrapolations about the dire economic and social consequences); recurrent terrorist attacks, and the new Iranian premier advocating wiping Israel off the face of the planet!

We also have the awful results of the South Asian Earthquake, but here we have the one bit of good news I've heard recently. I was encouraged to read that India has decided to donate $25 million towards the relief effort in Pakistan, and hopefully will also come to an agreement to allow opening of the line of control between the two parts of Kashmir. Considering the appalling relations between the two countries not that long ago, with "sabre rattling" of the most worrying kind going on, this is really a highly significant gesture.

You wonder what sort of catastrophic event it would take to bring the so-called Islamists and the "Infidels" of the West together? I suspect this would be on such a scale that none of us would survive it!