Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Visiting one of the local supermarkets this weekend, I was amazed by the huge stock of pumpkins that they were carrying. I'm sure that they will never sell all of them! I suspect that the managers, like me, will have done a Google search for pumpkin recipes to try and tempt shoppers over the next week with their unsold pumpkins at knock down prices. If geeky Halloween celebrants discover this site, they'll sell even fewer of the unappetising fruits.

As usual, Wosog has stocked up with cookies, fruit and little bags of sweets to reward our little Halloween visitors for their often, it has to be said, uninspiring performances. There's always the possibility that they won't turn up some year and we'll be left gorging ourselves on fruit, cakes and sweets for the next week.

Anyway, Happy Halloween to all!