Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Metal Scratches Plastic: Shock Horror!

I've posted about iPods before, partly as a means of bemoaning the fact that I don't own one! We had only just bought Gsog an iPod Mini before the bloody thing was replaced by the iPod Nano. However, this may not be a bad thing in view of the faults experienced by some Nano owners.

The broken screen problem sounds like a genuine design fault, and Apple have basically admitted this. I must confess to being more sceptical about the alleged tendency for Nanos to scratch more easily than their larger forerunners. You really have to wonder what conditions these little devices are being exposed to. The temptation for people to carry something as small as this in the pocket of their jeans, rattling around with spare change etc., may be proving too great for some. Even if this is not the problem, you have to wonder why someone who is worried about scratching their expensive toy doesn't pay an extra few pounds for one of the many protective cases flooding the market.

Having said that, with the case in place the wee thing is that bit bigger: almost the size of an iPod Mini in fact! Now that's progress!

Update 12/10/05:
How about this then?