Saturday, October 01, 2005

Agar Man Strikes Again

I've never been good at crossword puzzles, but the one sort of clue I often could manage was an anagram. Crossword fans who are web enthusiasts can, if they choose, enlist the aid of the excellent Internet Anagram Server.

It was with the aid of this site that I deduced that anagrams of The Voice of Reason included "evocations thereof" (rather posh); "fiancee overshoot" (worrying to Wosog); and "faience overshoot" (what?). Fortunately, was able to help me with "faience".

Son of Groucho has numerous anagrams including: "cough roofs on" (eh?); "congo of hours" (might help the waistline); "cog of honours" & "cogs of honour" (sound worthy). Then there's the Hugo Group: "croons of Hugo" (tuneful?) and "coons for Hugo" (not very pc). There are many more, but my favourite is either "ouch forgo son" (worrying to Gsog) or "chorus of Goon" (what would Milligan, Sellers and Secombe think?). Personally, I think the last one has it!